Average gross monthly salary in Burkina Faso is
10% 178K CFA
90% 470K CFA
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Displayed value presents total salary in the whole country. Salary amount is influenced by bonuses, regions and many other factors.

Description of job position

  • Preparing the content of courses and trainings.
  • Providing the instructional materials and teaching aids.
  • Lecturing on the subject matter and the subsequent application of theoretical knowledge into practice.
  • Reviewing the acquired knowledge through discussions, tests, or practical demonstrations.
  • Issuing certificates after the successful completion of courses and trainings.

Position Tutor - Human Resources in the labour market

The job position is
in the salary ranking of

Women representation in position

Average age of respondent by position

611. place

Nursery School Teacher Assistant

Education, Science & Research

Salary group 1

96,226 - 205,086 CFA

277. place

Occupational Psychologist

Human Resources

Salary group 2

175,655 - 473,540 CFA

276. place


Human Resources

Salary group 2

178,130 - 470,409 CFA

275. place

Media Planner

Marketing, Advertising, PR

Salary group 2

165,463 - 489,119 CFA

1. place

Chief Executive Officer

Top Management

Salary group 3

485,727 - 2,101,414 CFA

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