How does Salaireburkina.com work?

Methodology behind the salary survey.

Salaireburkina.com is a website where you can get a salary comparison for more than 700 positions. The job list reflects the job market in real time and is constantly updated.

The salary survey was created in 2020 for the geographic area of ​​Burkina Faso. The same method of collecting and processing data via salary portals has since been launched in more than 20 other countries and on the international portal Paylab.com.

The target group of the portal are people in the labor market who want to compare their wages and companies who care about the fair wages of their employees.

1. Input data

People in the labor market can get a comparison of their wages with other employees in the same job and in the same region. Anyone who answers in the questionnaire that he / she has been working in the selected position for a certain period of time becomes a respondent and will receive a free comparison sample of average salary. This sample is created by other respondents according to the position and the region completed. If the respondent declares that he / she did not work in the selected position, he / she is not a respondent.

Each respondent's data is valid for one year and there is absolutely no interference with the information entered. All data from the salary survey are anonymous. The data collection and processing procedure fully respects and adheres to the GDPR directive on the processing of personal data.

The wages survey collects raw data and respondents are asked to enter their wages for full-time work. Consequently, the survey does not contain any bonus for the self-employed or other forms of work, such as part-time.

2. Output data

Before the actual calculations, the data sample is "cleaned". First of all, all the extreme values ​​are filtered, for example a salary of 100,000 FCFA (XOF) / month or 1 million F CFA / month. The second step in cleaning the database is to detect all duplicate or extreme questionnaires. Extremes are defined specifically for individual positions with respect to the region (capital region or outside the capital region). The methodology for detecting extreme data (deletion of data) is based on a rough estimate of the parameters of theoretical distribution of salaries for the position by region.

Salary data from questionnaires that have undergone the cleaning process is then entered into the data set for the regression model.

3. Regression model

The Wage Survey calculates total and base wages by quantitative regression. It takes into account the links between the position, the region, the size of the company, training, experience and age. This proven method makes it possible to estimate the salary, even with a small number of respondents in the desired sample.

The regression model calculates salary values ​​at the job level, as long as there are at least 10 respondents in the corresponding data set. By default, the number of respondents in position during the last 12 months is queried, but if it is lower, the last 24 months of data are also taken into account, even the last 36 months.

The outputs resulting from the regressive model distinguish the following levels of enterprise size:

  • small (up to 50 employees)
  • middle (51 - 249 employees)
  • large (250 and more employees)

For education levels, the regression model distinguishes:

  • less than a high school diploma - where respondents who have completed high school or a training school are included
  • high school diploma - which includes employees who have graduated from high school
  • university education - for all employees with a university degree.

Work experience in the regressive model has three levels:

  • Beginner (up to 2 years of professional experience)
  • Junior (3 to 5 years of professional experience)
  • Senior (more than 6 years of professional experience)

4. Estimation model

Salaireburkina.com has developed a special method of estimating wages where it is not possible to apply the regressive model. If there is insufficient data for the regression model, the wage data are estimated using the estimation model. This model provides a qualified estimate of the salary range for the position, while actual data collected from survey participants further supports the estimates. The estimation model has its limits: data by region cannot be displayed and it is not possible to calculate the basic salary for the position. Similarly, as with the regressive model, financial and non-financial benefits are calculated using standard statistics on the data collected.

5. When it is not possible to display the results

Despite the application of regressive and estimation models, it may sometimes happen that it is not possible to display salary information on a specific position. This mostly happens with new positions.

When comparing the salary in such cases, the user is offered a document in which we give him tips and tricks on how to negotiate wages. The user can also request that a link to the salary comparison be sent automatically by email as soon as a salary estimate is possible.

6. Outings for people

The basic information from the Salaireburkina.com survey is based on the national average salary for a position. After completing the salary comparison questionnaire, the user receives a free salary comparison - whether expected or actual. The results are posted directly on the website.

Each visitor has the option of purchasing a more detailed version of the output from the salary report. This provides a much more detailed comparison of wages based on the median and quartiles. In addition, this product provides an overview of salaries based on professional experience and training, it shows the relative provision of non-financial benefits of the specific position and compared to the region. Information on non-financial benefits will be displayed with at least 10 respondents in the past 12 months in the selected sample.

Part of the paid version of the outings for people contains tips and tricks on how to negotiate a salary, preparing an employee SWOT analysis, etc. The entire Salary Report Plus contains over 20 pages and is suitable for those who receive ready for a job interview or a meeting with their manager, where salaries can also be reviewed and negotiated. Users can purchase the paid report via Mobile Money (Orange Money), Bank Transfer, Check or PayPal.

The analysis of the personal salary purchased is sent by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated when ordering.

7. Results for businesses

In particular, professional customers are assigned the professional report, which can be purchased online after entering the basic information requested. The professional report takes into account not only the position and the region, but also the requirements in terms of professional experience and size of the company. The professional report summarizes the basic overview of the remuneration of the selected position, but unlike the Plus report, it also takes into account other selected parameters. The outputs display the basic salary and the total salary, as well as the average value, it is also possible to see the distribution of salaries by the following basic percentiles:

1. decile - 10% of employees earn less than the given value 1. quartile - 25% of employees earn less than the given value - half of employees earn less / more than the given value 3. quartile - 25% of employees earn more than the given value9. decile - 10% of employees earn more than the given value

The labor market situation can also be viewed by a graph showing the distribution of respondents by salary bracket. This graph will show what percentage of employees can be found in each of the 10 pay brackets for the selected sample.

The professional report also contains base percentiles of total salary according to the following individual indicators:

  • professional experience
  • education
  • Region
  • size of the company
  • age

As well as always include the other criteria entered.

All the information mentioned above in the professional report is the result of the regression model. Using standard statistics, based on respondent data, we can calculate the share of respondents who receive non-financial benefits. This can be demonstrated as long as there are at least 10 respondents in the sample.

In the same way, the share of respondents who receive specific salary components can be evaluated, like any variable salary component, the 13th month of salary, annual rewards or bonuses and the average amount of these salary components. These values ​​can be displayed as long as there are at least 5 respondents in the sample who take into account the position, region, professional experience, studies and size of the company selected.

The professional report can be purchased online via Stripe, check. In such cases, a PDF output with the report is automatically sent to the email address entered with the order. The customer can request to purchase the report with an invoice, but the entire process of exporting the report and sending the invoice can take up to two business days.

8. Online tool for business

Client companies have the option of purchasing access to the Salary tool. Customers with this service can search and have access to salary data for all positions included in the survey for one year. By purchasing this service, the client obtains a full year of access to the online tool, during which he can consult the salary data for all positions and compare the salaries of employees and know the wages on the job market.

The outputs of the Salary tool are the same as in the Pro salary report. However, when comparing an employee's salary, the system recommends changing the salary of a specific employee.

Outputs can be saved for later work, or exported to PDF files.

You can buy access to the Salary tool online or by contacting [email protected].

9. Personalized analysis for companies

The salary survey allows you to export data according to different criteria, often used for media needs. The data collected and the flexibility of the system offer the possibility of providing companies with a different or non-standard analysis adapted to the company. For more information on such an analysis, please contact [email protected].



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