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Description of job position

  • Responsibility for reporting according to international standards
  • Ensuring monthly closings (including IFRS, etc.); initiation of measures to optimize closing processes across departments
  • Processing of consolidated financial statements or preparation of documents for consolidation (including IFRS, etc.)
  • Compilation of statutory and managerial reporting (according to CAS, IFRS, US GAAP); implementation and compliance with group reporting standards and policies; reporting segmentation
  • Consolidation of financial statements and business combination, including resolution of problem areas (elimination of interrelationships, deferred tax, reporting and disclosure obligations)
  • Control of compliance with accounting rules in individual companies of the concern for the purpose of correct and verifiable consolidated accounting according to international standards
  • Support of specific areas (e.g. transfer pricing and documentation of transfer prices; cash pooling)
  • Preparation of documents for accounting and tax audits and communication with auditors

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